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Quotes From ‘Defying The Odds

While markets may not transcend caste they mitigate its social salience, while the experience with reservations have only increased its political salience.” Book “Defying The Odds- The Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs

The Dalit entrepreneurs are in a wide variety of sectors, from manufacturing to construction to newly emerging services like healthcare and education. They come from across India … Book Defying The Odds- The Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs

A common thread among the Dalit entrepreneurs is the jugaad employed by them to find start-up funds for their new ventures. These funds are often provided by family and friends-the wife selling her jewelry, the mother relinquishing her savings, and other family members and well-wishers chipping in. Without this initial capital, it is unlikely that these fledgling entrepreneurs would have made a success of their ventures.’Book ‘Defying The Odds- The Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs’

For every successful Dalit who defied the odds to become a trailblazer, there are countless others who have fallen and given up, beaten down by life’s impossible odds’. Book ‘Defying The Odds- The Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs.