About Us

Centre for the Study of Caste and Capitalism

CSCC is a Section-8, not-for-profit Company that promotes Dalit Capitalism. It studies and records ongoing conflicts between Caste and Capitalism. With Economic Reforms post-1990 India has witnessed a revolution of sorts. With the triumph of urbanism, and Industrialization, Caste may no more now withstand the march of the market, leave alone ‘re-invent’ itself. Capitalism is trampling down objects and ideas with caste markers into extinction. Material markers are replacing Social markers. Market is replacing ‘Haat’. Caste is/may slip into a relic of the past. The CSCC associates itself with Dalit intellectuals and entrepreneurs in India and abroad, and equips the community’s efforts to intellectually break free of the Caste.


  • Study and record ongoing conflicts between Caste and Capitalism
  • Make entrepreneurship fashionable among Dalits
  • Equip the community’s effortsintellectually to break free from the grip of the Caste