CSCC Objectives

  • Promote Inclusion
  • Support Supplier Diversity 
  • Encourage Sustainability
  • Facilitate Entrepreneurship 
  • Use local area development approach

CSCC Pathways

Initiatives that advance social and economic inclusion

  • Provide visibility to the entrepreneur, especially the SC, ST.
  • Hold field events to showcase the SC/ST entrepreneurs’/Artisans’ products & skills at multiple locations across India.
  • Try to bridge the knowledge gap for both the Buyer and the Seller to encourage Supplier Diversity.
  • Undertake Micro-Entrepreneurship Projects from skilling/upskilling to market linkage.
  • Support Artisans/SMEs/Entrepreneurs via Design innovation, capability building and market linkages.

About CSCC

CSCC is a Section-8, not-for-profit organization. Inclusion, its core belief, drives all its initiatives/strategies/activities. CSCC encourages entrepreneurship among the SC/ST as an important way of mainstreaming them.

    • CSCC coordinates and strengthens the factors that provide an enabling ecosystem for it. 
    • CSCC assists the building of Entrepreneurs/SMEs/Artisans’ institutional capacities and information base in order to encourage their transformation into a modern business community.
    • CSCC supports Supplier Diversity using a model of facilitation that combines the Digital with the Field, following the New Public Procurement Policy of the Government of India, 2012 to encourage market access.

To facilitate Market Access CSCC’s partner, Inclusivity

  •  Provides the online search tool to identify the Vendors that helps diversification of the Supply-Chain.
  • Provides B2B, B2C, and Research & Development Services for the diverse micro and small entrepreneurs/artisans.

Launch of Dalit Enterprise 

  • It is the first ever Dalit entrepreneur-centric monthly English magazine, inspired by Black Enterprise, a Business Magazine in the United States that played a pivotal role as a forum for Black Enterprises.
  • Dalit Enterprise highlights the stories of those young entrepreneurs that surmounted the challenge, defied all odds to come out a winner, in order to motivate.

CSCC's Financial Viability

    • It is a Not for profit Organization
    • It ploughs back its earnings into the Organization for its activities
    • It maintains financial transparency
    • A small team works throughout the year
    • It is a self- sustaining organization.