Our VISION is to bring about transformational change in the lives of SC ST using the Entrepreneurship route.

Our MISSION is to deliver sustainable solutions with a local area development approach.

How we may Assist you

Market Access

Through our Curated Marketing Events such as exhibitions and E-commerce Platform we make the Entrepreneurs/Artisans products, services and skills more visible, and get them more business.


Assist Artisans/SME with market linkage
Familiarize with effective marketing strategies
Provide Design inputs for product Development
Patenting of design components Etc.

E Showcase

Showcase products and skills to get business leads.

Access the digital market through Inclusivity’s ecommerce platform. 

Inclusivity, a Private Ltd company is our partner. Inclusivity innovates to facilitate market- access; provides B2B, B2C and Research & Development services for contributing to the development of diverse, micro & small entrepreneurs.


In exhibitions, skilling and micro-entrepreneurship projects, Product Development, and other events and projects.

We promote micro-entrepreneurship projects, which provide end-to-end linkages from skilling to market-connect/ self-employment opportunities for local artisans/candidates belonging to the marginalized/underprivileged communities, or the entrepreneurship route for such groups, through the support to produce goods/products and market them.


Learn about your sector, Peer group, Government Schemes and Micro-entrepreneurship Projects to build the ecosystem for promoting entrepreneurship at the bottom of the caste & class pyramid.


Narrate stories/tales and processes associated with your craft


In What do we do  

Co-create with the buyer and the artisan and build the Dalit brand.
Bring business and opportunities to craftsmen/entrepreneurs
Undertake Product Development
Bridge Knowledge/Information gap for the Buyer and the Seller
Undertake micro entrepreneurship projects from skilling/upskilling to the market
Narrate the stories/tales and processes associated with the craft