H&H: Handloom & Handicraft

CSCC – Values & Beliefs

  • The core focus, here, is the Artisan/Aspiring Entrepreneur, and the interventions are directed to enhance his/her wellbeing, livelihood, capabilities, and learning.
  • Focus on Innovation at multiple levels: design, production process, Supply-Chain, market-linkage and the use of technology.
  • Focus on Connect with ideas & exchange, learning with business, understanding markets and consumers, and technology for healthy growth.

CSCC- Long Term Goals

  • Support craftsmen/SMEs/Entrepreneurs that show initiative and drive via design innovation, capability building and market linkages.
  • Build a supportive ecosystem for exchange of ideas and suitable interventions.
  • Continuously build linkages with new market platforms- B2B, B2C and online-globally.
  • Make CSCC financially viable.

How do we do

  • Hold Curated Market events.
  • Narrate  stories/tales and processes associated with the craft.
  • CSCC 2021 Plans
  • Carry out groundwork for more Social Skilling and Entrepreneurship Projects.
  • Hold Curated Market Events such as Special Thematic Exhibitions, Special Marketing Events, Craft Demonstration Workshops, Design and Technology Development Workshops (DTDW).
  • Promote Products offline & online.
Group / FocusActivityWorking Group Member/Lead
Engaging with Artisan/Craftsman/community/SME/ entrepreneur; careful selection; identifying interventions for scalability
  • Research Craftsmen/community/group/SMEs/Entrepreneur
  • Communicating CSCC goals/program
  • Studying their needs
  • Understanding and enunciating the engagement model
  • Dr. Shubha Parmar
  • Ms. Saumya Arora
Design and Production capability support
  • Giving design feedback, ideas, mentoring for market friendly Design
  • Identifying Production pain points and streamlining options
  • Ms. Ira Parmar
  • Mr. Navneet Gaur
Market linkages for the artisans/SME/Entrepreneur
  • Market research
  • Explore and collaborate for retail, ecommerce
  • Curated Market Events
  • Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Sustainability/Circular economy & SDGs Implementation
  • Plan Event
  • Curate Products
  • Ms. Ira Parmar
  • Ms. Ridhima Kochhar
Projects/Special opportunities
  • Special projects with different organizations
  • Proposals, Pitches, Presentations
  • Dr. Shubha Parmar
Visibility and Campaigns
  • Media and promotions
  • Webinars
  • Websites
  • Events
  • Mr. Rakesh Kumar
CSCC resources and volunteers
  • Volunteer database and matching with requirements
  • Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Financial viability
  • Making the organization self-sustainable
  • Dr. Shubha Parmar
Learning for craftsmen
  • Reach out to Design schools and colleges
  • Building interaction between student and artisan communities
  • Running Design challenges
  • Mr. Navneet Gaur
  • Ms. Saumya Arora

CSCC:2021 Plans

  • Planning of Special Skilling and Entrepreneurship Projects
  • Curated Market Events for SC ST Artisans and SMEs such as Special Thematic Exhibitions, Special Marketing Events, Craft Demonstration Workshops, Design and Technology Development Workshops (DTDW).
  • Promotion of Products online with our Partner, Inclusivity

How CSCC may Assist you

How CSCC may Assist you:- Access the market through our field events and e-commerce platform.

E Showcase:- Display your products for leads.

Collaborate:- Build your brand.

Participate:- In our curated events such as exhibitions, and Projects for skilling and entrepreneurship development.

Learn:- Learn about your sector, peer group, government schemes, etc.


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