How we work

Our Work

Building a constructive entrepreneurial ecosystem for the Dalit/the SC/ST SMEs through a model of facilitation that combines the digital with the field.

Structuring the Affirmative Action space – both Private and Public - for the SC/ST entrepreneurs, for Procurement / Supplier Diversity as a follow up to the Public Procurement Policy of the Government of India enacted in the year 2012.

  • Enter into an MOU with the to provide the first private Assistance and Service model in India as an important tool to make Sourcing and Procurement easy
  • Bridge their knowledge/information gap
  • Build peer to peer pan-India network for collaboration
  • Develop mentor network: to carry out responsive mentoring and handholding as per SC/ST entrepreneurs’ business lifecycle needs for capacity building
  • Act as resource locator for the SC ST entrepreneur across regions for business-related assistance
  • Facilitate Market Access, the first Private Assistance and Service Model in India for the SC/ST SMEs

  • Connects the entire Dalit Entrepreneurial ecosystem digitally.
  • Builds high quality, up-to-date database that maintains information on resources the SC ST MSE might need for business-related assistance.
  • Runs an online showcase of SC ST entrepreneurs; maintaining their Companies’ Profiles/Products and Services across several states to receive leads about business opportunities.
  • For the Buyer, provides an online search tool that identifies the Vendors that can provide products and services in response to bids and solicitations.
  • Refines data constantly in a user friendly way to help Procurement.

Scripting, Modeling, Counselling Business Models Through Dalit Perspective

With a vast network of Dalit enterprises maintained by the founder-members, D ShyamBabu and Chandra Bhan Prasad, the CSCC is equipped with tools that can examine, understand and mentor the SC/ST owned businesses.

  • They carried out extensive research with the University of Pennsylvania to measure the Dalit entrepreneurial success post-1990 economic reforms. They identified and surveyed a thousand medium and large SC/ST entrepreneurs across the length and breadth of the country.
  • Their study contributed to the content of the book, Defying the Odds, published in 2014 by Random House, India, which they co-authored with Prof. DeveshKapur of University of Pennsylvania.

Maintaining ties with leading Academic Institutions, national and International.