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Inclusivity: Advancing Business Connections that Include, is a unified pan India portal with a network of 9000+ Dalit entrepreneurs from 30+ categories / sectors` It connects SC/ ST entrepreneurs to business opportunities and conducts B2B networking events to enable the entrepreneurs to grow and develop. It also acts as an interface between SC ST entrepreneurs and the stakeholders including Government, policy administrators, academia and the industry at large..

Inclusivity is co-founded by Ira Parmar, Milind P. Kamble, Dir. Pravin Bhalesain and Advisor Arun Khobragade.

What do we do?

We work for SMEs especially for the SCs, STs, Dalits, Muslims, women and other social backward communities. We build network, share information, collaborate with associations, government initiatives and help businesses grow.

Inclusivity’s association with CSCC

Inclusivity serves as a digital arm to its NGO partner CSCC, in jointly working towards strengthening the SC/ST SMEs/entrepreneurs. Both the organisations strive to achieve one goal of constructing and enabling an ecosystem for marginalised business groups to advance their business opportunities.

Our Services

We aim to provide all our stakeholders: Buyers, Suppliers, Service Providers, Freelancers, Government and Business Associations, a combination of services that enables them to interact, connect, learn and grow themselves.

1. Supplier/Service Provider/ Freelancer:

If you sell products/services, joining Inclusivity will facilitate you in business growth and development.

Leverage Inclusivity’s network to identify new contacts, opportunities & business partners.

Our key services

2.Buyers/Government/Business Associations:

If you are an inclusive buyer and willing to enter into business with entrepreneurs from marginalised sectors of society, this is the right place for you.

Not just inclusive sourcing, we offer a blend of multiple services for all three stakeholders

Our key services