Dr. Shyam Babu

Dr. Shyam Babu

The Indian growth story post liberalization gave birth to an entirely new dimension to the idea of social justice. Discussing his co-authored book, “Defying the Odds- The Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs,” D. Shyam Babu calls for a change in the public discourse around the issues of Dalits. Mr. D. Shyam Babu shares several stories of Dalit entrepreneurs who came out of deeply entrenched social hierarchies of Indian society and are illustrating the role of entrepreneurship as an instrument of social mobility.

Author, Researcher, Commentator, Academic, Mr. D. Shyam Babu’s current research focuses on the impact of liberalization on Indian economy and on social mobility. His academic works have created a different narrative/story by highlighting the advances made by the Dalit entrepreneurs in shaping India’s socio-economic future.

"While markets may not transcend caste they mitigate its social salience, while the experience with reservations have only increased its political salience." Book "Defying The Odds- The Rise of Dalit Entrepreneurs"

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